The Yard

Media Kit

2600 sq ft High Performance Training Facility

6 Rogue Fitness lifting stations

2 Rogue Fitness Power Racks

Dumbbells ranging from 5-125lbs

50ft Turf

Kettlebells ranging from 15-175lbs

Medicine Balls ranging from 10-50lbs

2 Keiser Functional Trainers

2 Concept 2 Ergs

2 Rogue Echo Bikes

Assault Fitness Air Runner

Rogue Low Cable/Lat Pulldown

Rogue Reverse Hyper/GHD

8 Rogue Ohio Olympic Barbells

Rogue Bumper Plates

4 Rogue Soft Plyo Boxes

Various speciality bars

Rogue Sled

Various other lifting accessories

Lockers, changerooms, showers and washrooms

Towel service

2 Water Coolers