I began training at The Yard during the off-season with Ilan, Nick and Matt. They created a great personal development program specifically to improve my power and speed.

After a couple of weeks of training I felt huge differences on the pitch. There is a great atmosphere in the gym and each and every training is as enjoyable as it is beneficial to performance.

Would highly recommend any athlete looking to take the next step to come visit The Yard!

Ryan Gauld
Vancouver Whitecaps FC - Midfielder

I've really enjoyed the At Home Dumbbell Program and the group classes. They've become an unexpected highlight of my week during the pandemic, and your approach and attitude is a big part of it.

I'm a Masters Swimmer, and my team went back into the pool this week. I've had a lot of trepidation about this moment: would I be fast enough, how much catch-up will I have to do to get back to where I was, did I do enough to maintain my fitness? Over the last year I've only been able to swim 45 minutes at a time, often in a 20m pool without a pace clock.

I needn't have worried. I've finished a full week of 90-minute practices in our long-course pool. Not only did I swim 17KM this week, I managed to swim 100m freestyle repeats at a 1:30 pacetime. Not only is that fast, that's exactly where I was in March 2020 when we shut down. Nothing's changed. I'm stunned.

I credit your team for a lot of this, so thank you for providing me an outlet to test myself, try new things, occasionally make a fool of myself, and NOT lose my mind while the world kinda ended.

Y'all are great. Looking forward to seeing you in the studio.

Chris Hallamore
Masters Swimmer

A long time personal goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. After completing 10 marathons and with gradually slower times, I figured my fastest races were behind me.

Shortly after working with Ilan and Sam I ran a qualifying time in Chicago in 2016, much credit due to the tailored regimen they put me through.

Marty McNish
34, Portfolio Manager

I decided to go into the Yard after quite a while out of the gym and lifting weights. And it was one of the best decisions I have come to make. Not only were Ilan, Joce and Sam extremely open and welcoming they have helped me regain confidence and lift weights heavier than ever before. Each one of them knows what they are talking about and will do everything they can to help you achieve any/all of your goals.

Not only has Yard athletics and it’s incredible staff given me back my excitement for the gym they have also given me an incredible and diverse community to be a part of. Couldn’t recommend any place better to start hitting those goals.

Delaney MacNeil
21, Student
After my back surgery in 2013, I was always hesitant of the things I was doing in the gym. My back hasn’t felt this stable in a very long time since working out with Ilan.
Brody Toigo
30, Commercial Banking
Every time I step into the gym with him, I am excited for our grueling workouts. I love the positive energy that he brings to every session. I would recommend Ilan to anyone who is looking to get in shape, improve their fitness,and gain size and strength… I have had many different trainers throughout the years and nobody comes close to Ilan in terms of knowledge, motivation, and camaraderie.
Alex Coleman28, Property Management

I've been hitting #yardhard for almost 7 years. All of the trainers are top notch experts and have worked with me through stale injuries I thought impossible to overcome. I've gained strength, knowledge, and friendship. Grateful for all the benefits the YARD has given me.

10/10 would recommend for any athlete, at any level.

JJ Wilson33, Marketing
I worked out with Ilan aka BIG MAN & Sam at their previous gym. When the Big Man opened Yard I followed him. Yards workouts are precise, greuling and specific. There is no time wasted talking about the weekend, or the hockey game. You can feel and see the results.
John Clerides62, Owner, Marquis Wine Cellars & Numbers Cabaret

Yard has been a key driver in my fitness journey in the past 4 years. Every trainer I have seen has helped me achieve strength I never thought I was able to attain. The level of knowledge and guidance, especially during the multiple injuries I have endured throughout the past few years has had a huge impact on my mind and body. Yard formed a safe space for me to continue my workouts while trying to heal. The best workout, studio, and trainers in the city!

If you are looking for an easy workout without any reward - do not come here! 😉

10/10 would recommend for any athlete, at any level.

Chrissy Kazemi

Since joining the Yard well over a year ago I have not only increased my fitness level enormously, gained confidence, feel healthier, but I also feel that I have joined a team.

Everyone at Yard makes me feel that not only do they care that I get great workouts but that I'm succeeding in all life endeavours.

Great people, great knowledge, great equipment and great community, The Yard is more than just a great gym.

Lucais Syme45, Restauranteur

I remember following the Yard on Instagram for 3 months before I finally got the courage to book my first class. As soon as I stepped through the door, I was greeted with genuine enthusiasm and interest.

Class kicked my ass, obviously, but the community vibe and easy camaraderie between coaches and clients is what has really kept me coming back over the years.

There's no doubt that the quality of training at the Yard is exceptional, but it's the people who work there and the values the company upholds that make the Yard unique and extraordinary. Ilan and his team are simple the best in the biz.

Everyone at Yard makes me feel that not only do they care that I get great workouts but that I'm succeeding in all life endeavours.

Great people, great knowledge, great equipment and great community, The Yard is more than just a great gym.

Claudia Lutes35, Outdoor Educator
I don’t always hit the yard, but when I do, I know I’m going to get an incredible level of service, attention and coaching. Every team member cares about giving their clients the best workout they can, and the positive atmosphere adds great energy to each circuit.
Dane Stevens29, Owner, Cavalier Gastown

I started going to Yard about 2 years ago when I was looking for a new gym and trainer to help me achieve my fitness goals. After my first session with Ilan, I was hooked. Since then I have trained with most of the trainers there and I can honestly say each of them truly care about their clients. They listened to my goals and carefully crafted each session so I can achieve my goals without once making me feel defeated or intimidated. The trainers will also push you outside of your comfort zone, work on your weaknesses, and kick your behind into gear. Don't hesitate to sign up and uplift your fitness journey to the next level.

Disclaimer, going up the stairs after a session will suck! But well worth every step =).

Pei Chai37, Yoga Instructor
I started with Ilan and the crew at The Yard to build back my confidence in the gym and pushing weights after coming back from injury. The team is knowledgeable to work with me and help push my goals through the past year. Successfully pain free workouts and now looking for more top spots on the leaderboards. Always look forward for my sessions and the dynamic workouts.
Katie Grudzinski37, Operations Instructor
The Yard Athletics online program has provided me with the foundation and motivating I needed to attain my goals and see results. From warm up to cool down the program outlines everything I need and the video demo's clear up any questions I have about particular movements. This program got me excited to get into the gym everyday and get the work done!
Cam Mclean

Just finished a 12 week "HIIT" program at Yard Athletics. I'm very pleased with the experience and results. I have trained for decades in the "old school" style, 5x5 or 5,3,1 compound lifting and some hill work. Ilan Cumberbirch designed a "high intensity interval training" program for me. I worked out three times a week with Ilan and another Yard trainer, Sam Shaw. The challenge for them was to teach an "old dog" new tricks and convince me that this approach had merit. I had never worked with personal trainers in the past. They did an incredible job demonstrating the various exercises and more importantly, motivating me every session (and listening to me babble on about how we did it in the old days).

Results: I lost three inches in the waist and have increased my overall strength and range of motion in many movements.

I highly recommend Yard Athletics.

John KappCommercial Fisherman

It's been an absolute pleasure training with Ilan and the Yard Athletics team for the past 9 years. The level of knowledge and enthusiasm they bring to the gym everyday makes it an easy decision to head in for a workout. But beyond that, it's the loyalty to their clientele that truly stands above the rest. You'll be hard-pressed to find better people or better trainers in this city.

Thanks, Yard, for keeping it hard all these years.

Nolan Toigo32, Commercial Real Estate Broker
Jeff as a coach is grounded, humble, and comes with a wealth of knowledge. He doesn’t just cheer you on from the sidelines, he is in the trenches with you making sure you feel safe and confident before every lift. Jeff offers constructive criticism and positive feedback that you can physically feel set to set resulting in better form and heavier lifts. Jeff doesn’t just help you build your body, he helps build your confidence. Jeff’s attention to detail is reflected in his attentiveness to his clients and knowing when and how to push them. He is able to coach those who have limitations due to past injuries and able to help clients restore strength and function through his program(s). Jeff is able to create relatable content to aid in the understanding and learning of training concepts and methods, for myself it was a relation to automotive repair. Jeff maintains his charismatic personality work out to work out and is able to keep the client engaged. He is an in gym mentor who shares his pro tips and experiences that are relevant to the clients personal growth. I can’t say enough about the impact he can have on a willing client.
Brian VollhofferService Advisor, Tesla Motors

Lucky to have found this high quality space to train with such friendly and professional staff. Has everything I need to push me forward in my international rugby career. Always look forward to getting a session in at the Yard!

Training at The Yard has been hugely beneficial during my rugby off-season in order to make gains to my strength/power and properly prepare for next year. The gym is super well-equipped for all types of training and there’s always great energy in there (+ sweet merch). Couldn’t recommend a better place to get a sweat on.

Ben Lesage & Lucas RumballRugby Canada
I absolutely love The Yard and the community that they've built. Not only do they have an amazing facility but the team is exceptional - each and every trainer brings their own experience and personality to the table; whether it's in a group class setting or a personal training session. Strength training at other gyms can be intimidating but the Yard team is super down-to-earth, welcoming, and hilarious af. It's like going to the gym with friends who have a wealth of knowledge to ensure you lift properly and have good form while throwing in a fun nickname for ya. I've been going to the Yard since June 2020 and try to go 2-3x a week with a mix of group classes and PT sessions. The workouts are tough but awesome and the trainers are great at challenging you to push yourself. This is the heaviest I have ever lifted and the strongest I have ever felt and I couldn't be happier with the results. Nothing but love for the Yard team - I can't recommend them enough!
Nicole Soon36, HR Professional
Ilan's ability to customize my workouts and accommodate my physical limitations has been great. His approach is technical; he is a problem solver and results driven. He is truly dedicated to his craft and his clients, and he is always on time. I'm a busy guy; time is precious.
Chip Wilson63, Entrepreneur
Ilan’s life long dedication to excellence is evident in his knowledge, expertise, work ethic and vibe . No one better in the city to help you meet your goals.
Jane Holowaty60, Registered Nurse
I have been going to the Yard for about a year and it has completely enhanced my fitness levels. Ilan, Sam and Joce bring energy and life to 6AM mornings and are always able to cater to my individual needs (and demands) at the drop of a hat. They are always willing and able to provide expert advice on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, while constantly pushing me to lift heavier and set new goals.
Alana Henry25, HR Generalist
I followed my coach (Thea) to Yard when she switched gyms and I wasn’t sure what to expect but trusted her judgment. The space, variety of equipment, athletes and coaches are top notch. I cannot say enough good things about this gym. It’s a hidden door to another world. You want to push myself harder… it’s an environment that inspires you to try harder and be better.
Katie Lynn37, Sr, Account Director / Aspiring Firefighter
Tremendous team - outstanding facility - first rate training. The team cares about about your individual needs and is highly supportive of your personal growth and development. A 5 star fitness organization.
Craig HemerManaging Partner, Executive Search Firm
Early mornings at the Yard are now a part of my life that I could not live without. Ilan and his team have an unequaled understanding of every clients individual needs which puts them at the pinnacle of performance training. Ilan had the unenviable task of convincing me to start from the very beginning and re-taught me everything I thought I already knew. Through his process I gained a true appreciation of the functionality and mobility he pushes in his techniques. These guys are the best of the best.
Rob Down34, Commercial Real Estate
I was looking for a new at-home workout, knowing Ilan hockey background and being a former player myself I purchased the home dumbbell and body weight workout. It did not disappoint! With a business and two little boys it is hard to get to a gym but this program is challenging at home and has been easy to follow and access, the videos are quick and clear execute the proper form. After the first four weeks I am feeling strong and great, would recommend to anyone looking for a true program at home to get in athletic shape. Looking forward to version 2!! Thank you Ilan and Yardathletics!
Jason Fleck36, Owner/Manager, Fountain Tire
Every time I step foot into this gym I am instantly motivated. The atmosphere makes workouts fun while still maintaining a great sweat. My body was in great shape from going here and I would recommend it to anyone looking for great place to train and get in shape.
Jerret Smith23, Student Athlete
Ilan, Sam, and Joce are adept at working with people's goals, flexibility, ability, injuries, energy, focus, music taste, etc. and keep the routines challenging but enjoyable. Normally you could not pay me to go to the gym after work but I genuinely look forward to a sweat at the Yard and walk out feeling more energized than when I arrived.
Angus Thiele26, CRE Broker
My weekly routine usually involves "The Old Fashioned" at Yard Athletics and it's always the perfect way to end a stressful or busy day. Aside from the top-notch level training, the coaches are able to help guide you and tailor the workout to your specific needs without slowing the group pace. Yard Athletics continues to create an environment of support on behalf of Ilan, Sam and Jocelyn, who attract clientele much like themselves. If you're looking to crush goals, have a laugh or two or simply listen to some fire tunes while breaking a sweat, this is the place for you! Guaranteed, you will always leave with higher spirits and lower back squats!
Emily Cowling25, Dance Choreographer / Student

Yard Athletics is the finest facility I've had the privilege of training at, with the best and most knowledgeable coaches in Vancouver. Ilan, Sam and Jocelyn are highly motivating, friendly, fun, engaging, and most of all, extremely educated on everything to do with fitness, nutrition, and sports performance.

Most of all, each trainer can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Pity the fool who would challenge any of them to a squat competition, push-up contest or race up the Ground Grind…!

Henry Gould31, Senior Consultant
Ilan is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to human movement. He possesses the often overlooked skill of being able to communicate complex subjects in the most simple yet effective manner....I would recommend Ilan to anyone seeking to push your body to new limits, or simply live a happier, healthier lifestyle.
Can Langlois26, Investment Advisor
The energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge he brings to each workout creates an atmosphere that motivates me to push myself way harder than I otherwise would…he always takes time to explain the principles and theories that underlie what we do.
Evan Lewis30, Real Estate Professional
Coming from a hockey background and having spent the last year focused on aerobic endurance training for the Ironman, I desperately wanted to regain some strength and power. Working with Cumby these last few months has really pushed my fitness and I feel stronger and more stable than ever.
Matt Reid29, Real Estate Development