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Unlimited Gym Access
Limited Quantity! Only 25 Memberships Available

Seeking exclusive access to a High Performance Training Facility? Looking to follow your own program, without the guidance of a coach? Yard Athletics Open Gym Membership provides all of that, and more.

What Does A Yard Open Gym Provide:

  • GUARANTEED access to training space and equipment
  • FREE Access to Yard Online Training Series for your 1st month
  • $150/Mo | No Contract

Facility Includes

  • 2600 Sq Ft High Performance Training Facility
  • 6 Rogue Fitness Lifting Stations
  • 2 Rogue Fitness Power Racks
  • Dumbbells Ranging from 5-125lbs
  • Medicine Balls Ranging From 10-50lbs
  • 2 Keiser Functional Trainers
  • 2 Concept 2 ERGs
  • 2 Rogue Echo Bikes
  • Assault Fitness Air Runner
  • Rogue Low Cable/Lat Pulldown
  • Rogue Reverse Hyper/GHD
  • 8 Rogue Ohio Olympic Barbells
  • Rogue Bumper Plates
  • 4 Rogue Soft Plyo Boxes
  • Various Specialty Bars
  • Rogue Sled
  • Various Other Lifting Accessories
  • Lockers, Changerooms, Showers and Washrooms
  • Towel Service
  • 2 Water Coolers
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Join Yard Open Gym Membership


  • 7 Day Cancellation policy - notice must be given to management via email a minimum of 7 days prior to next billing cycle in order to cancel membership.
  • No Pauses/Holds.
  • 4 Week Billing Cycle - 13 billing cycles annually.
  • A Drop In fee will be charged for No Shows and Late Cancellations. 
  • Failure to collect payment within 7 days following members' scheduled billing, will result in membership termination.
  • Membership can be terminated at the discretion of Management in the event there is perceived disrespect of Yard Athletics equipment and facility.
  • Membership will automatically renew after 13 billing cycles
  • Appropriate and clean training apparel is expected from all members while on the training floor.
  • Yard Athletics staff will direct members to their training space. Members are expected to respect the space of all clientele and stay within their directed training area for the duration of the training session.

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