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SOLIUS is an innovative light therapy that produces 711% more vitamin D3 than sunlight with 99% less total ultraviolet radiation exposure. Among many health benefits, maintaining proper levels of vitamin D3 in the body can improve physical performance, accelerate recovery time, and reduce occurrence of injury. SOLIUS is currently available in Vancouver. Use code YARD50 for 50% off your one-month subscription.
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Holly Food

Holly Food provides highly customized nutritious meals according to your goal and palate. You can choose your truly fresh ready to eat meals from our categorized menu or book your free consultation with our experts to design your personalized plan and meals according to your body and lifestyle. Use coupon code "Yardathletics1" to receive a $20 credit on your first order.

If you see the value, quality, and services, you can utilize another bonus for Yardclub members "Yardathletics2" and get 10% off on your future orders!

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Get GUD delivered to your door for your next tough workout, to keep going, or your next hike! Use the code "YARD15" at check-out.
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Merci Boulangerie
Owner/Head Baker Natalie & her team hand-craft these sweet Parisian treats honoring age-old traditional French methods. Composed of layer upon layer of hand-folded delicate pastry and imported butter, these pastries are guaranteed to transport you to the streets of Paris. Merci Boulangerie offers weekly deliveries to Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby, or you can find them at multiple Vancouver Farmers Markets. Additionally, fresh and frozen products can be purchased through Legends Haul.
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Movement Food
Movement Food cooks and delivers fresh, healthy, macro friendly meals to help you achieve your weight loss, fitness, performance, muscle, bodybuilding and competition goals. With meal plans for all goals to help make sure you get the results you want, get moving now and let Movement Food empower you with the tools to control your composition! Use code YARD15 and get 15% off your order.
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My Supply Co.
My Supply Co. is a leading curated marketplace offering essential mushroom and cannabis-inspired wellness products for better living. We educate on the science, the history, the culture, and the products that work best—all in the spirit of conscious consumption. Everything we source (strains and vaporizers, cannabis-infused supplements, skincare, and foods) is inspired by a need; if it doesn’t work to meet yours, then it doesn’t belong in our shop. Use code YARD for 20% off your first order over $50.
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In a digital age, mobile is king. We're on the go with a plethora of devices that run on batteries. From phones and tablets to watches and laptops, we need a portable charger to handle the load. As a Yard Athletics Affiliate, use discount code YARD20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase. Catch a Charge™ at
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Get the best quality, locally sourced meat and fish products delivered right to your home. Customize your box with all of your favourite proteins, whether it’s 100% grass-fed and finished beef, wild-caught salmon, or boneless skinless chicken breasts, truLOCAL has you covered! Use promo code YARDFIT and get 100% grass fed and finished ground beef added FREE to all of your orders.

Regular box: 3 lbs of grass fed ground beef in your first box and 2 lb of grass fed ground beef in every future box. Small box: 2 lbs of grass fed ground beef in your first box and 1 lb of grass fed ground beef in every future box.

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Char Chalk: Activated Charcoal Chalk in a Handheld Tube
Enter Promo Code YARD20 for 20% off your purchase. CHAR is the industry's only activated charcoal chalk. CHAR's hand-poured proprietary blend of activated charcoal and magnesium carbonate provide you with less mess and a long-lasting, secure grip. The wet-to-dry consistency contains zero alcohol, won’t dry your hands out and stays where you put it. Activated charcoal serves as an exfoliant and anti-bacterial property that will leave your hands feeling smooth, with less callouses.
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Yard Jersey
Designed with professional cyclists in mind, the TOUR is constructed using a mixture of new luxurious performance fabrics that provide a controlled stretch and a next-to-the-body fit without compromising freedom of movement.
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With a personalized app experience, Theragun's renowned deep muscle treatment is tailored to your body’s real-time needs like never before.
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Yard Athletics is a Blonyx affiliate, which means we can offer our clients and website visitors 10% off their products! Use the code: "YARDHARD" at checkout.
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Yard Athletics is fortunate to have a strong relationship with Lululemon, a marquee sport apparel and lifestyle brand, founded in Vancouver.

The Yard's founder, Ilan Cumberbirch, is an ambassador for the Lululemon Flagship Store on Robson Street. You can find Yard Athletics staff, coaching at the Lululemon Head Office on a weekly basis.

An employee of Lululemon? Contact us via email for details on exclusive pricing.

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The Workshop

A revolutionary approach to attaining long term health and sport performance. By blending a multidisciplinary team of elite health care professionals, we at The Workshop provide patients with various degrees of injury, the highest level of treatment and rehabilitation. Our intention is to cultivate a community of people who are connected by a desire to increase their performance in sport, fitness, physical and mental health.

Any Yard Athletics clients who purchase 10 Session Customized Strength & Conditioning Package will receive access to The Workshop’s Recovery Room at a 50% discount upon purchasing 10 Session Recovery Pump Package.

Loaded Athletics
Loaded Athletics and Yard Athletics have been working alongside one another on and off for the past decade, dating back to Ilan, Sam and Jeremy's time spent together completing their undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology at UBC. Jeremy went on to attain his Master's degree with a focus on strength and conditioning and coaching science. Today, Jeremy is the owner/operator and Head Coach of Loaded Athletics where they specialize in Olympic Weightlifting. Intrigued by the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch? Look no further than Loaded Athletics.
All-CIty Athletics
If you're going to put in the time at "The Yard" packing on muscle, you might as well put it to good use packing a punch. Look no further than our good friends down at All-City Athletics. One of our favourite local studios, you can expect technical, up-beat, boxing sessions led by certified professionals that not only walk the walk, but talk the talk.
Vancouver Hockey School
Vancouver Hockey School is located in Vancouver BC Canada. Vancouver Hockey School is regarded as the best professionally coached youth skills and skating schools in Western Canada.