#YardHard Community Spotlight: Herve Nzeyimana

Herve Nzeyimana

By Yard Athletics – May 3rd, 2019

It’s Friday! It’s May 3rd! Spring is here! We still don’t know what to do with our hands!

Our 20 Questions series has been a huge success, as we absolutely love learning more about where our community wines, dines and unwinds. Now we want to go a little deeper on the fitness side of things with a new “Community Spotlight” series, asking people how they got started with Yard Athletics, what their goals were when they started and how they feel they’ve progressed.

Without further adieu we wanted to introduce Herve Nzeyimana, and learn more about his journey in the #YardHard crew.

When did you start training at Yard Athletics? 

Herve: I started a year ago in April 2018!

What were your goals when you started? 

My goals were to put on muscle! I was very toned but I was still quite thin and I wanted to add muscle to my body without doing CrossFit.

How did you first hear about Yard Athletics? 

I heard through my coworker Dani – she had been going to Ilan’s classes here at the lululemon SSC and she highly recommended Yard if I was looking for a challenging but accessible workout

Tell us about the training sessions; what sort of exercises and routines were you doing?

The training sessions were great – they were simple movements that I was familiar with like deadlifts, back squats, single arm rowing/push presses and various movements with dumbbells which I could easily learn and scale according to my strength

How does each trainer (Ilan, Sam, Joce) approach your sessions at Yard?

Cumby has such an infectious energy. He always makes sure my form is on point when I’m lifting. He was the first person I met when I started Yard. I got lost and couldn’t find the gym.

Shawzo is so laid back and fun. He immediately puts everyone at ease and I know that I can do any weight or any movement I want when he’s teaching

Joce is a killer with hilarious check-in questions. I always leave her classes absolutely drained. She has a way of making me want to die but in a good way.

What would you tell someone new to Yard Athletics who is thinking of starting a similar program? What should they expect? 

 They should expect great coaching but nothing too complicated. It will be simply movements that will really help them put on muscle but it isn’t risk adverse.

What are you most proud of throughout this recent fitness journey? 

Putting on 20 lbs in one calendar year – just through exercising at Yard 2-3 times a week and eating literally double what I was eating two years ago.

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