20 Questions w/ Marrhinca Thomas & Lauren Kipp: #YardHard Faithful

By Yard Athletics – May 24th, 2019 It’s been a hot minute but we are BACK with the best question series on the world wide web! That’s right folks, Yard Athletics 20 Questions is coming through to give you a glimpse at the great people that make up our community; what makes them tick, where they like to eat and … Read More

5 Tips For Weekly Meal Prep

The Yard Athletics - 1 on 1 Training

By Henry Gould – April 30th, 2019 For any of us who fall into the category of “millenials”, we’ve no doubt been scolded by older generations telling us we eat out in restaurants too much, buy fancy coffee drinks when we should be saving, not to mention probably thinks we eat Avocado toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner @ $10 … Read More

20 Questions w/ Kelly Lamb & Phil Cabrita, AKA DJ Flipout

By Yard Athletics – April 26th, 2019 We are BACK with a very special 20 Questions this week! In our humble opinion this series has only been getting better and better, and it’s all due to our #YardHard community and their involvement. Want to get featured?? Drop us a line! [email protected] Today we have the special pleasure of introducing Kelly … Read More

20 Questions w/ Anna Farrant & Jordan Bowers of All-City Athletics


By Yard Athletics – April 5th, 2019 Oh baby, do we have a special edition of 20 Questions for you today. Obviously we are #YardHard faithful at heart, but that doesn’t mean we don’t put the weights down every once in a while and get a sweat somewhere else. All-City Athletics is a perfect example of that “somewhere else”. Introducing … Read More

20 Questions w/ Brody Toigo: #YardHard Faithful

20 Questions with Brody Toigo #YARDHARD Faithful

By Yard Athletics – March 22, 2019 “Guess who’s back… back again… 20 Questions is back… Brody’s our friend…” K that was lame. Promise to never “type-rap” Eminem on another blog again… 20 Questions! You know it! You love it! You crave it! You wait patiently by your phone for the email notification saying another thoroughbred #YardHard athlete is coming … Read More

The Myths Of Weightlifting: PART 2 w/ Ilan Cumberbirch

Ilan Cumberbirch - Personal Fitness Trainer - Vancouver, BC - Yard Athletics

By Yard Athletics –  Based on the great feedback we received on the first installment of this series, Ilan is back to debunk all those pesky fitness myths! As we left off last time, the questions was something along the lines of “I don’t want to get a big neck, legs and shoulders; I just want to tone my arms, … Read More

20 Questions w/ Yves Millette: #YardHard Faithful

By Yard Athletics – Feb 22nd, 2019 Can you believe it’s the last Friday in February?? Not sure if that means spring is almost here (isn’t there still snow on the ground?) but either way, the year seems to be flying by. Regardless of that… we are back and better than ever, with a brand new edition of 20 Questions! … Read More

20 Questions w/ Marianne Beilmann: #YardHard Faithful

20 Questions w/ Marianne Beilmann: #YardHard Faithful

By Yard Athletics – Feb 8th, 2019 Tuesday’s blog was a little doom and gloom (…”50% of US Adults have heart disease“) so we had no choice but to liven things up with everyones favorite question and answer series… the Yard Athletics 20 Questions! We might be biased, but ours seems a lot better than that cheesy, totally-scripted-but-pretending-to-not-be-scripted Vogue 73 … Read More

20 Questions w/ Nolan Toigo: #YardHard Faithful

We’re back! Hopefully you stocked up on some “12 Days of Yard Athletics Christmas” deals, and are all set in the gym for the next little while. Getting back to our regularly scheduled programming, we thought it would be a good time to throw 20 Questions at another friend and regular of Yard Athletics, Nolan Toigo. If you’ve ever taken … Read More