• Yard Athletics Customized Strength & Conditioning

    Customized Strength & Conditioning

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    Our customized strength & conditioning packages are our most popular and effective training sessions available. After an initial consultation to determine your physical goals and objectives, a customized training program is built out and put into action so as to attain and exceed your athletic aspirations be they strength, power, endurance, mobility, aesthetic, or general health.
  • Yard Athletics - Athletic Group Training

    Semi-Private Group Training

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    Our Semi-Private Group Training sessions are a small taste of what you can experience via our Customized Strength & Conditioning sessions. Each participant will have their own training area with designated equipment, ensuring that you can train at your own speed without the pressures of keeping up with the rest of the group. Whether you are new to working out, an ex-crossfitter, or one time professional athlete looking to remain in game shape; these group classes will be sure to provide a personal training experience in a group training environment!