Functional Mass Training

The "Yard Hard" Functional Mass Training program is designed for those looking to add lean muscle mass onto their frame. Looking for a chest as deep as your back is wide? Quads bigger than a small child’s torso? A booty that brings all the boys (or girls) to The Yard? All while maintaining (or working towards) abs you could clean your laundry on? You have met your match.

This 1 month, 5 day/week program consists of high volume, full body, tempo and pause sets utilizing all of the major compound lifts. We do not isolate specific body parts, but rather, train specific movement patterns. Days are broken into push/squat and pull/hinge days so as to keep your body fresh enough for subsequent workouts, while still overloading your system enough to provoke physiological adaptation.

This full body training program will be sure to take you one step closer to looking like the Adonis that you are.