The "Yard Hard" Conditioning program is designed for those looking for a good old fashioned ass kicking. Are you trying to trim your waistline, redefine your legs and squeeze back into your highschool wardrobe? We've got you covered.

This 1 month 5 day/week program consists of large full body supersets, finished with high intensity sprint work that will keep your heart rate high, brow sweaty and muscles burning. We do not isolate specific body parts, but rather, train specific movement patterns. Days are broken into push/squat and pull/hinge days so as to keep your body fresh enough for subsequent workouts, while still overloading your system enough to provoke physiological adaptation. Training sessions are finished with short duration, maximal intensity sprint work to spike your heart rate and boost your metabolism so you can kiss that excess body weight goodbye.

This full body training program will be sure to get you tight and trim while staying long and lean.