Professional Mentorship

What is it?

Much like our training philosophy, our Mentorship Service is customized to the individual. This is an opportunity to collaborate alongside our ownership group to create your own curriculum, specific to your needs.

Designed for aspiring and established trainers, coaches, and gym owners; this is a unique mentorship opportunity which is meant to provide value, clarity, and professional development customized to you. Content can include anything you wish, that you feel we can provide insight on.

How it works

You get in touch with us via email, we pick a date and set aside 4 hours to go over anything that you wish to discuss from program design, exercise selection, facility design, client relation, marketing strategies etc...anything that you wish to discuss and feel we can provide value on.

Additionally, we can also train during this time, or for a portion of it. We can train together, we can train you, or you can train us. Alternatively, we can also explore the Greater Vancouver area, and enjoy the wilderness; while discussing business.

Finally, we will grab some grub, and be on our way. All in, it will be about a 6 hour day.


If this is something that interests you, send us an email, subject line “YARD MENTORSHIP” to [email protected].

If you would like to bring a business partner, spouse, or friend, feel free to do so.

We will connect beforehand over a phone call to discuss some details, and then we will be on our way!

These are only offered once per month, and the cost is $1500.

Can’t make it in person? Send us an email and we can connect remotely over a 90 minute video call! The cost for these is $300.