Nutrition Coaching


The Yard Nutrition Program is not a cookie cutter meal plan, rigid and unsustainable fad diet, or combination of quick weight loss tips. Our 1 on 1 coaching program is tailored by our Nutritionists to fit each individual's goals, while establishing a trusting relationship along the way. The same way each of our bodies are unique, so too are our nutritional requirements.

Rooting our methodology in behavioural changes, we aim to provide sustainable results, and habit formation which last a lifetime. This Yard Nutrition Program was designed for individuals who wants to:

  • Improve overall health
  • Increase energy levels
  • Learn about their body
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food

The Program

To begin, clients will complete a nutritional assessment and food journal for our coaching staff to review. This will be followed up by virtual coaching appointments in a 1:1 setting with your selected nutritionist. Upon conclusion of any package, clients will gain an understanding of:

  • Nutrition and the role it plays in our lives
  • Macronutrients and how they contribute to a balanced meal
  • Daily energy output vs input
  • Establishing new behaviours in order to create a well balanced life
  • A clear path on how to supplement your nutrition with your current training
  • How to enjoy the food you love while being mindful of over/under consumption

If you have any enquiries about The Yard Nutrition Program, or would like to get started, please email [email protected].

Torin Nikiforuk

PN1 - Precision Nutrition Level 1

Torin’s interest in nutrition began with his love of food. From a young age, Torin loved to cook and experiment in the kitchen which led him to numerous restaurant jobs, while studying nutrition at university. As a strength and conditioning coach, Torin knows that nutrition plays a vital role in one’s overall health and performance. Torin became a Nutritionist through Precision Nutrition, not only to complement his coaching, but also to help educate his clients on the importance of a nutritionally dense diet. Torin’s ethos is rooted in balance and he works with his clients to help them achieve their goals with a compassionate approach. Nutritional sciences are full of fad diets and quick fixes, which is why Torin works primarily on lifestyle changes that will continue to promote longevity for years to come.

Package Description


2 sessions
The Bronze package encapsulates the introductory session and a nutritional assessment. The second session is designed to act as a follow up appointment to keep you on track with your goals. This package is perfect for the person needing a nudge in the right direction who feels highly self motivated.
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4 sessions
The Silver package is your bread and butter. With 4 sessions that can span over a month, you are sure to make lasting changes in your life to support a healthier lifestyle. With constant support, you take the necessary time to work on your diet and goals.
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6 sessions
The gold package is for the committed. Individuals who enjoy the process and want to keep working on themselves past the initial phase. This package is a partnership to support personal growth, and to equip you with an arsenal of knowledge to transform your life.
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I had the opportunity to work with Torin on nutrition coaching and I have to say, it was just the reset I needed.

Coming off of a very strict diet programmed by a bodybuilding coach, my relationship with food was tarnished and I was at a loss. Torin gave guidance that was not only easy to follow but supported my goals, output and mentally gave me the skills to look at food in a positive way again. Torin showed up for me and my health in a big way and I am thankful to have had the pleasure of working with him.

- Lindsay G.

I met with Torin with a desire to learn more about how I could adapt behaviours in my lifestyle that would make a notable impact on my nutrition. I had a reasonable understanding of ideal nutritional changes I needed to make to meet some aesthetic and performance goals but I was struggling to fit it into my day to day. With an understanding of my schedule and current workout program, Torin made attainable suggestions for me. He was supportive, encouraging and there wasn’t a hint of judgement in where my challenges lied. I’m not perfect on a weekly, but overall I’ve been able to implement the suggestions without a hitch and I credit this to Torin’s thoughtful and specific insights!

- Lauren O.

This was the boost of consistency that I needed. I have always had a hard time structuring my meals in a way that is conducive to my lifestyle. Torin gave me the feedback I needed to structure my meals around my workday and provide helpful nutrient guidelines that relate to my training goals.

- Sam S.

I had a great experience doing nutritional coaching with Torin! I was looking for some lifestyle and nutritional support to go along with my training program at the Yard and this was exactly what I was looking for. I was impressed with how organized our meetings were. Torin broke down my goals and created an action plan with a few simple life and nutritional changes/tweaks. He customized the program so I didn’t feel overwhelmed but was also challenged to make some positive change. I felt supported and encouraged and was also able to learn some new things from Torin (who is super knowledgeable). I’m feeling and seeing the results already!

- Laura S.

Torin before/after
Gill - Before/After
Sam - before/after