New Yard Athletics Hype Video!!

Folks, let’s be honest with ourselves. The white jeans just got packed into a Rubbermaid and shoved under the bed. Aperol Spritz’s have been replaced with red wine and whiskey. Your lunch order of “salad” just became “stew”, and a GoreTex jacket hasn’t left your body since Friday.

Summer is over, the rain is here… and that’s OK!

Just when you thought there was no reason to get out of bed and clang a few weights around, Yard Athletics comes through with a scorcher of a promo video, designed to motivate you off the couch and into the gym!!

The team of Andrew Ross ( and Elliot Friesen ( filmed this little number a few weeks ago, and we have to say the results are amazing.

Take a look on the Yard Athletics homepage, (click the play button), and watch for yourself. Lots of familiar faces in there, so be sure to share with everyone you know, letting them know what an amazing community there is at the Yard.

See you in the gym!



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