Introducing Henry Gould’s Patreon for Spotify…

By Henry Gould – June 

Hello #YardHard friends! It’s me, Henry Gould, the man behind the blog. I wanted to share a recent project I’ve been working on through a platform called Patreon, where I curate custom Spotify playlists for people’s everyday use. Since the majority of the Yard Athletics community loves music (who doesn’t?) I figured this would be something of value to share.

As a background on myself; I’m a born and raised Vancouverite, spending a brief four years at the University of Western Ontario playing rugby and studying biology. We might have met previously in the gym (before getting steamrolled by a workout), or maybe when I was in the DJ booth at YardWork 1.0 in Stanley Park? (*wave emoji*) Otherwise it’s probably through this very blog, posting recipes and other health related news a couple times a week.

I’ve also been a lifelong musician, starting at a young age with piano and progressing to guitar, drums, bass, and finally to DJing and music production.

Day to day I work as a senior consultant for a company called Musicstyling, curating music programming for hotels, restaurants and retail groups around the world. I’m lucky to work on some very cool projects; Faena Hotel Miami, Hakkasan, Fairmont Banff Springs, as well as the infamous Watergate Hotel in Washington DC.

I also produce music under my own name, DJ, and curate a weekly playlist on Spotify called \\\ Crate Digging ///.

I was never very happy with the pre-made lists on Spotify, and their algorithm barely ever suggested music I actually wanted to listen to, so… I started to make my own playlists. I was already listening to so much music on a daily basis, I figured this was a natural progression.

With Patreon, I can generate some revenue for the work I’m doing, while still offering people a great service that’s updated every week.

So what happens when you sign up? Basically, you log onto (or download their mobile app), create an account, find my profile, sign up and pledge $5+ a month, and from there you immediately unlock a wide variety of links that automatically open in your Spotify app. New playlists are added every week, with some of the current playlists including:

  • Venice Beach Juice Bar (relaxed indie vibes for the Abbot Kinney crowd)
  • Ladies Who Lift (workout classics from the Queens of Pop)
  • All Day A-OK (24+ hours of great music to get you through any work day)
  • Savio Volpe (eclectic dinner list inspired by the popular Vancouver restaurant)
  • Tiki Bar (the best surf rock and tiki music to accompany your Mai Tai)
  • Wedding SZN (hits old and new, perfect for summer wedding season)

That’s basically it! There’s no commitment once you sign up, but if you want to test the waters first, my \\\ Crate Digging /// playlist on Spotify is still free of charge and always will be. Give it a follow; it’s updated every Tuesday with an hour of great old, new and obscure music.

Any questions just give me a shout. Thanks so much, see you in the gym…


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