20 Questions With Henry Gould: Yard Athletics Blog Manager

Hello Yard faithful! Today we have the pleasure of getting to know the man behind your favorite Yard Athletics blog posts a little bit better. Resident DJ, Olympic Lifter, Blogger, Chef and one-time rugby powerhouse; Henry Gould. Vans vs Converse, Hendrix vs Clapton, American Muscle vs Euro Super Car and more. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride!

1. Hometown?
Vancouver BC
2. Favorite workout? (other than Yard Athletics…)
The Grouse Grind always seems like a great idea on the drive up & drive down, but pure hell while ACTUALLY doing it. Also really like the All City Athletics boxing classes; very stimulating!
3. Clothing company you wish would sponsor you?
In life you have to make a decision; Vans or Converse. It can’t be both, you gotta pick a side. I chose Vans and never looked back, I just wish they would give me all my shoes for free. Vans, call me!!!
4. Hendrix or Clapton?
Very hard question. I’ve played guitar since age 10 and both have had a big impact on me. There’s a story of when Clapton first heard Hendrix play in London in the 60’s, he stormed out of the club telling someone “you never told me he was that good”. So I’ll say Hendrix.
5. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?
Tough, tough, tough. I’ve never had a bad meal at Vij’s, all the food is amazing. La Quercia and Cinara would be my two other favorites. Some cured meat, pasta, risotto, a big steak or something braised to cap it off.
6. Favorite Slurpee Flavour?
Haven’t had a slurpee in a while but I recall if you mixed Pepsi and Cream Soda together, it created an elixir much more delicious than the sum of it’s parts.
7. Favorite sport growing up?
Rugby, although I still regret quitting baseball in grade 8. Being a starter pitcher is the coolest position in sports.
8. Favourite condiment?
9. Gold or Silver?
I love Gooooollllldddd!
10. Talent you would most like to have?
Speak multiple languages.
11. Best / worst thing about Vancouver?
Best: natural beauty, ocean, great restaurants, family, relatively good weather compared to other parts of the world. Worst: high cost of living, rain, traffic.
12. Favorite hobby?
Making music, which I still do. Follow me on Spotify & Apple Music, and on Instagram where I post pics of Melania Trump dressing weird.
13. Age at which you picked up said hobby?
Started piano at age 8, hated it. Begged for a guitar.
14. Dream vacation?
I have dreams of going to Moscow in the dead of winter; don’t ask me why. Tbilisi, Georgia also seems very, very cool. I have a strange fascination with Eastern Europe…
15. Favorite date with your beautiful wife?
Any of those above restaurants, with an expensive Barbaresco that someone else is paying for. Or cooking at home on a Friday night, phones turned off, double stuff Oreos dipped in peanut butter for dessert.
16. American Muscle or European Sports Car?
I get the appeal of American Muscle, it’s just not for me. Too loud…
17. Sweet or Savory?
18. Best thing about Yard Athletics?
Not only can all the trainers talk the talk, they can walk the walk. Ilan, Sam and Joce are all absurdly strong and fit. I’ve known Ilan since we were 5 and he’s always been stronger than me, so I trust him with my life!!!
19. Top purchase you made this past year?
Splurged on a cheap, last minute business class upgrade for a long work flight. Well worth the money.
20. Favourite venue to DJ at?
Yard Work 2018 was an absolute blast to DJ at! Parties are usually more fun than clubs, people are in a better mood.

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