20 Questions w/ Phil Ashworth & Marty McNish: #YardHard Gruesome Twosome

By Yard Athletics –  Jan 2019

Oh, you thought we just did one-on-one 20 Questions?!?! Think again people. We are switching up the narrative, throwing 20 Questions at TWO #YardHard faithful; the pair of Phil Ashworth and Marty McNish, a couple friends who roll through the gym once a week to clang the iron around with authority.

We figured slightly different questions would be appropriate for two people instead of one, so read below to see who has the biggest bench press, vegan vs. whey protein powder and who is more likely to do the post-workout “sleeveless shirt walk down Granville Street”.


20 Questions with Phil Ashworth & Marty McNish

1) Hometown(s)
Phil: Parksville BC
Marty: Vancouver BC
2) How often do you two train together at the YARD? 
Phil: Once a week
Marty: Once a week for the past 2.5 years
3) Who has the bigger bench press; Martin or Phil? 
Phil: I would say equal…
Marty: Currently Phil, but barely. He is also in Hawaii right now sucking back pina coladas while I’m still in the gym, so let’s revisit this when he’s back…
4) Post workout meal of choice? 
Phil: Protein smoothie
Marty: Of choice? Like favorite? A burger.
5) Vegan or whey protein powder? 
Phil:Whey all the way!
Marty: Vegan. Lactose gives me GI issues.
6) Sober January; yay or nay? 
Phil: Hell nah
Marty: Can’t say that I do. But I wear I could if I wanted to…
7) Best thing about training 2:1 at Yard Athletics? 
Phil: Great motivation training with a friend. Also some great banter.
Marty: Competition
8) Phil, who would quit first on the assault bike – you or Martin?
Phil: Ohhhh that is a spicy one… I’m gonna have to say Marty 😉
Marty: I would whoop Phil’s ass. He has no cardio, a low pain threshold, and is easily dismantled mentally
9) Favorite after-work downtown drinks spot?
Phil: Unfortunately nothing too exciting…Cactus
Marty: The Lions (but really it’s the 5… are you allowed to write that?)
10) What is each of you ordering? 
Phil: Lager
Marty: Phil’s a crantini guy, always asks what the special is then orders a crantini. I stick to beer.
11) Who’s picking up the tab?
Phil: Back and forth
Marty: Credit card roulette
12) Martin, what’s the one exercise you know you can lift more than Phil on?
Phil: n/a
Marty: Things that require a mental edge and form. For example, last week we had to do squats and hold it in a really deep position. So Phil stops his squat at 90 degrees (or less) and pops up after a quick 1-2-3. No steamboats, no delay, no nothing. So really anything that is supposed to be done correctly.
13) Best time to train at Yard?
Phil: 4pm on Wednesday!
Marty: Wednesday is pump day.
14) Who is more likely to do the “post workout, sleeveless shirt walk down Granville” that gets all the tourists staring? 
Phil: Marty for suuuuuuure! Hahaha
Marty: Hahaha… definitely me.
15) Least favorite exercise at Yard?
Phil: Probably chin-ups, cause I can’t do as many as I want to.
Marty: Nothing embarrasses me more than watching myself do chin-ups
16) Chalked hands before bench press: helpful boost, or lame and pointless?
Phil: Pointless
Marty: I don’t think it’s offered in my weight class
17) Nike or Adidas?
Phil: Nike
Marty: Nike
18) Celebrity crush?
Phil: Emma Watson
Marty: Kate Beckinsale
19) Can the two of you combined squat more than Ilan?
Phil: Hahaha maybe… I sure hope so!
Marty: No
20) 5 words to convince someone to train at Yard Athletics?
Phil: “Get Fit, Have Fun”. Well, that was 4…
Marty: “Go From Average To Savage”

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